Claim your rights with Adria Airways

Traveling by plane is not always pleasant! Passengers may experience inconvenience before arrival at their destination.

Passengers who can not travel on board due to cancellation, overbooking (denied boarding) or delayed flight for at least three hours, are entitled to claim compensation.

Adria Airways is obliged to pay the passenger compensation of a value that changes according to their journey.

While waiting for them to be placed on another flight, passengers who are victims of injuries also have to pay for a meal + snack. They can also make two phone calls, send a fax, …

In order to assert your rights, do not hesitate to contact Air Indemnité who can take care of the procedure of your compensation by claiming for you a sum of :

 – 250€ (> 1500 km)

400€ (<3500 km).

– 600€ (> 3500 km).

By successfully defending your rights, AI receives a commission of 30% VAT on the compensation obtained.