Claim your rights with Aeroflot

1/3 of passengers traveling each year by plane do not know their rights in such cases when their flights are delayed, canceled or overbooked,

Passengers registered on an Aeroflot flight, who have not been able to take off until after a delay of three hours or more, have the right to claim financial compensation from their carrier.

Knowing that court proceedings are long and expensive, travelers can not usually continue to the end by letting everything fall overnight!

To avoid the headaches of the steps required to defend its rights with the Russian airline, Air Indemnité offers each victim passengers to take care of everything in their place by receiving only 30% VAT on the compensation paid.

The minimum amount to claim from Aeroflot is 250 euros. The passenger can receive compensation that can reach 600 euros, depending on the distance of his journey:

250€ (<1500km)

400€ (>1500 km)

600€ (>3500km)