Claim your rights with Air Austral

Many travelers are prejudiced before traveling with their airlines, including Air Austral. Each year, no less than two million passengers arrive at their destination late, thousands more who are forced to leave their plane because of overbooking, …

Although they know that they are entitled to compensation, passengers do not dare to defend their rights with their air operator, especially since this requires a long process, or even a mandatory presence in court.

People overbooked, delayed or canceled their trip, … who can not claim their right alone, can appeal to Air Indemnit√©. This startup has compensation professionals who can go all the way in order to assert their rights by obtaining in their favor compensation in the form of financial compensation estimated at:

– 250 Euros (flight <1500 km),

– 400 Euros (1500 km <journey distance <3500 km),

– 600 Euros (Distance> 3500km).