Claim your rights with Air Finland

Thousands of passengers around the world see their plane take off without them! Due to overbooking, some travelers are denied boarding.

In addition to overbooking, travelers flying with Air Finland may arrive late at their final destination. Because of the cancellation of their flight or because of a late takeoff of their aircraft following a technical problem or the strike of the aircrew, they do not reach their destination at the agreed time!

According to the EC regulation 261/2004 protecting the rights of air passengers, they can claim an amount that can range from 250 to 600 euros, compensating them for the problems they have encountered with their carrier.

Passengers wishing to obtain a lump sum compensation quickly can contact Air Indemnité, a startup with lawyers specializing in the compensation of damages suffered by travelers of all nationalities, who are able to defend their interests by taking charge of the entire procedure. in their place, and retaining a commission of 30% VAT on the amount claimed.