Claim your rights with Air France

Any flight operated by Air France, which is overbooked or arriving with a delay exceeding three hours, … is eligible for compensation.

The air carrier is exempted from payment of compensation if it proves that it has taken all necessary measures to avoid the inconvenience caused to the airport. For example, the take off of the plane was postponed because of a storm, hurricane, general strike at the airport, …

In the other case, that is to say, if the carrier is responsible for the delay, the passenger must claim a compensation of 250 euros minimum knowing that the waiting period must be greater than three hours.

Asserting your rights with an airline is not always easy, the passenger is obliged to perform a lengthy procedure, and it can even end in court!

In order to avoid all this, you can let Air Indemnit√©, the company which counts experts in compensation by offering the passengers victims of the delay, denied boarding, … to take care of your file of claim with your operator (Fees of service set at 30% VAT on the sum recovered).