Claim your rights with Air Italy

Overbooking, cancellation and flight delays at the airport are considered illegal practices, offering victims the possibility of being compensated.

So that the damage is cured, the air carrier is supposed to pay an amount ranging between 250 and 600 euros, it depends on the journey and the delay recorded on arrival. Passengers can generally be compensated if their plane is delayed by a minimum of three hours to land at the airport of their destination.

By submitting its claim online, passengers agree that Air Indemnité’s legal experts who specialize in claiming and defending the rights of air travelers, take charge of the processing of their file by negotiating a sum of money that must repair the inconvenience caused by their Air Italy operator due to cancellation or overbooking of their flight. A commission of 30% VAT will be levied systematically once the compensation will be paid into their accounts.