Claim your rights with Aurigny Air

Passengers who have been warned of the cancellation of their flight with Aurigny Air Services at the last moments before the scheduled time of departure have the right to require their carrier to pay compensation.

In case of strike action or a surprising technical failure preventing the aircraft from taking off from the airport runway, the right air carrier shall comply with the regulation of the rights of air passengers by offering them financial compensation.

Jurists who are endowed with multiple competences in the field of the defense and the claim of the rights of the victims of the delays, even any other kind of inconvenience that the airlines can cause to their passengers before the arrival at their destination (correspondence missed, overbooking, …), constitute the staff of Air Indemnit√©, the first compensation startup in Europe. Having worked in the legal defense profession for a decade, they are sacrificing all their time to listen to you, and then take steps for your compensation.