Apply for compensation online, how does it work?

For different reasons, your travel plan may be disrupted. Your flight may be delayed, canceled or overbooked. This kind of inconvenience that you may encounter before your departure entitles you to financial compensation or compensation, as it indicates the law 261-2004 EC, established by the EU Parliament, defending and preserving the rights of the passengers of the European Union.

What is compensation? It is a device that allows the passenger suffering damage, to receive compensation that can be in the form of money only. The value of the compensation is not fixed. The amount to be claimed from the carrier is evaluated according to the distance of the connection traveled between the two airports, departure and arrival.

250 euros | – 1500km
400 euros | + 1500km
600 euros | + 3500km

Is it possible to claim compensation for a flight served for several months?
You have the right to claim compensation for the injury you suffered a year ago, two years or more, traveling with a European operator or with an airline from an African, Asian or American country … of a country of the European Union.

What to do after completing the fields of the claim form?
You have decided to entrust your file to one of the specialists of the compensation and the defense of the rights of the air passengers in Europe? Once your details and your travel data are transmitted and verified by its lawyers, they immediately begin the necessary legal proceedings by claiming in your favor the amount to repair and compensate for the inconvenience committed by your operator.

Generally, these startups allow you to track the status of your file by keeping you informed after each step of the procedure. They also provide you with personalized assistance to help you properly submit your claim online.

What solution to follow the status of my claim for compensation?
If a startup supports your case, it can help you track the progress of your complaint by contacting you by e-mail.

How long does it take to process my claim?
The processing of a claim is usually done within a few weeks. The sooner you send the mandatory administrative documents to your compensation firm, the faster your legal experts can process your case.
Your request will be analyzed by legal experts, you receive a response from them as soon as possible informing you about your eligibility for compensation and the amount you receive. As soon as the dispute is resolved, you receive your compensation.

Is it possible to replace someone in the process of claiming compensation?
Yes, you can replace the victim of the injury, who can be a close member of your family, colleague, client, … in the process of submission of his claim for compensation to the firm that will handle the file.

If you want to be the person to contact, do not forget to fill in your details in the fields dedicated to this purpose (last name, first name, email, phone number, …).
Important: Only the person concerned can receive the compensation paid by the airline.

How much does a claim service cost
Be sure you do not risk anything if you choose to be defended by a startup, you pay nothing if your record is not settled. However, if your case gives rise to compensation, the costs of your file will be deducted from the amount of compensation recovered.

Is the compensation paid into your account?
No doubt, the amount of your compensation is paid initially to the account of the company taking care of your file, the latter then asks you to provide a bank account so that he can transfer the amount corresponding to the compensation. claimed, of course, after collecting the commission related to the management and processing of your claim.