Delayed flight

On the day of departure, thousands of passengers are stranded at airports. Due to an unexpected delay, they do not arrive at their destination at the scheduled time.

Flights that are served by EU airlines or departing from an EU airport, with delays of three hours or more upon arrival, are eligible for compensation.

To be paid a late penalty with his carrier, each passenger must establish and file a claim file containing all the supporting documents such as passport, air ticket, boarding pass, baggage tag, …

What does the regulation of the European Union indicate for any delay exceeding three hours? the travelers concerned may claim compensation from their air carrier which must be transferred to their accounts within a maximum of ninety days.

Startups dedicated to the processing of passenger complaints proposes to take charge of the necessary steps for you to carry out with your airline to request a lump sum compensation of 250 euros, 400 euros or 600 euros.

Once they ensure that your air operator is legally responsible for the delay on your route, these compensation experts are able to defend your interests by helping you recover the compensation that must repair your injury.