Claim your rights with Emirates

The delay, cancellation and overbooking of flights are phenomena affecting thousands of travelers each year. When an aircraft lands at the airport after three hours late, the air carrier is obliged to offer compensation to all passengers who have been registered on its flight.

A link is considered eligible for compensation when the operating company belongs to a country located in the European Union. If the carrier was not European like Emirates, then it is not obliged to pay compensation unless its flight is served from an EU airport.

You can file a complaint against your company, but be sure that you never receive a convincing answer from him. So that you are not twice victims, contact Air Indemnité, the expert of the compensation of the air passengers, guarantees you a fair compensation. File your case online and let its experienced lawyers handle it and take care of any necessary procedure and claiming process.

The booking fees which are estimated at 30% VAT on the amount claimed are not deducted until your file is settled.