Flights with a stopover outside the European Union are compensable in case of delay of the second flight

A lot of times, passengers suffer inconvenience at the airport. Because of a delay during takeoff, they arrive at their destination after several hours late, and it becomes more complicated when they travel on a line including a stopover. Following this inconvenience, they can miss their correspondence, so their holidays, work appointments, …

Departure postponed or canceled? Passengers have rights to defend when their trip does not go as planned.

European regulations state that passengers who arrive late at their destination have the possibility to claim compensation even if the delay has occurred during a stopover at an airport located in a country outside the EU. Even if the operator finds a replacement flight, the latter must pay compensation when the delay is significant (more than three hours).

Example: A plane takes off from Paris, and stopping in Istanbul, gives access to compensation in case of injury.

The amount that can be enjoyed is between 250 to 600 euros. It is calculated especially on the basis of the route of the connection. The flight is not considered eligible in case of delay that is not caused by real extraordinary circumstances including bad weather conditions (storms, violent tornadoes, …), general strike at the airport, …

Passengers are also entitled to the lump sum payment when they are denied boarding due to overbooking.

Obviously, in order to win their battle against their airlines, the bad guys have to prove that they have been registered on the flight by keeping their boarding pass.

The victims of delays, cancellations, … have the right to claim compensation from their carrier even if their flight has been made for two or three years, or even five years.

It should be noted that the current regulations protecting air passenger rights apply to all flights served from an EU airport or by a company belonging to a member country of the European Union.