Claim your rights with Martinair

Millions of travelers discover at the last minute that their flight has been canceled. Surprised and shocked, they can only wait until their carrier offers them another opportunity to travel to their destination.

A large part of the passengers are not aware of the European regulation 261/2004 allowing them to benefit from an indemnity in case of inconvenience, including delays that exceed the three hours and overbookings, …

In case of missed connection or denied boarding with Martinair, travelers can choose between waiting to be placed on a new link, or cancel their reservation and get a refund. In addition, they can ask their company to pay them additional compensation in cash, between 250 € and 600 €.

Unable to assert your rights with your Dutch carrier? You can contact Air Indemnité, a law firm with lawyers who can intervene regardless of whether the compensation rules are simple or complex.