Missed or missing luggage: What recourse for victims?

Passenger rights in the event of delay or cancellation of flights are protected by a law and a European law. However, no official law guarantees them compensation by suffering an inconvenience caused by the loss or damage to their luggage.

In the event of a delay in the delivery of baggage, the air carrier may take steps to remedy the inconvenience caused to its passengers. Airlines are usually solely responsible for the destruction, loss or damage to luggage carried in aircraft bunkers.

In order to deal with airport baggage issues, some passengers prefer to purchase baggage insurance by choosing one of the insurance products offered by their airline or an independent insurer.

By making a special declaration at the latest at the time of check-in and paying an additional fee, the passenger receives full coverage by obtaining compensation in the amount that corresponds to the actual value of his valuables.

Baggage stolen or degraded, the carrier is solely responsible

The airline is not responsible for any illnesses or injuries that occur during the trip, however, it is responsible for everything that can happen to luggage during the trip.

In the event of damage or loss of baggage, legal action must be taken against the airline if it refuses to repair the inconvenience suffered by the passenger who loses one or more items or finds them damaged after the aircraft has disembarked.

In such a case, the traveler must complain immediately after the discovery of the damage or disappearance of an article, a room, … no later than twenty-one days from the date of arrival and that the receipt of luggage.

If the claim is not filed within the required time, the air carrier considers that the baggage has been delivered on time and in its original condition.

It is recommended that you make your claim in writing and send it to the customer service agents of the company before the aforementioned period.

Degraded luggage? Legislation protects your rights by traveling to Europe or countries in other continents, with European airlines including easyJet, Ryanair, Transavia or Air France, …

One or more suitcases are lost at the airport? Some airlines have online tracers to geolocate missing parts of the Carousel to Luggage. Check if such a service is available and offered by its operator can help get rid of the phobia of not finding his luggage in the carousel at the airport.

Baggage delivered late? What to do ?

Flight delays can ruin passengers’ trips and stays, and the same is true for baggage delivery delays. Some travelers are forced to buy new clothes because their luggage has not been delivered until three or four days after their arrival.

Such damage caused by an air carrier must be repaired unless the air carrier proves that it has taken all the necessary measures to prevent it. That is to say, it justifies a force majeure.