Passenger rights in case of overbooking: Compensation solutions

Overbooking is a practice that the majority of airlines do to increase the filling rate of their flights in anticipation of the absence of some travelers.

Why do airline operators sell more tickets than the actual capacity of the plane?

Air carriers use overbooking or excessive booking to avoid losses that may be due to the absence of some travelers, especially those who own airline tickets for reimbursement.

For example, air transport companies sell 250 tickets instead of 220 representatives the number of seats available on board.

It should also be known that airlines collect important information on passengers traveling on their various lines. This is information that can help them estimate the number of travelers who do not reach their airport at the agreed time, …

Air carriers also know that passengers who are in possession of cheap airfares, and those who have the opportunity to change the date of their departure while taking this into account, they increase the number of reservations on their flights.

What is remarkable is that in addition to airline operators, hotels and car rental agencies also practice overbooking!

In order to compensate them for the inconvenience and the difficult moments that they experienced before their departure, airlines offer victims of overbooking an overnight stay at the hotel, meals and snacks, free phone calls, … However, passengers do not know not that they deserve much more than all that!

Get compensation? What are the possibilities to enjoy it?

Several startups now offer services to defend the rights of air passengers who were being evicted from their aircraft because of a surplus of passengers on board.

Choosing to be defended by a firm specializing in the processing of air traveler compensation cases, allows the victim to benefit from compensation or even substantial compensation!

Consumer rights (passengers in particular) are protected by European Regulation 261/2004. These are rights that provide travelers with protection in the event that their flight does not go as planned.

To benefit from it, it is necessary that are flight meets the following conditions:

– The link must be provided by a company based on an airport of the European Union, or served from a destination located in a member country of the EU.

By confirming that they are eligible for monetary compensation, passengers can receive an amount that varies between 75 and 180 euros (with the exception of administrative fees).