Overbooked flight

Thousands of passengers are denied boarding due to overbooking. To repair this damage, the airline usually offers them another flight, and in the meantime, it offers them a meal coupon, a communication and sometimes a night. However, many travelers do not know that they can claim much more!

According to Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament, passengers can claim compensation, which must vary according to the length of the journey and the waiting period. For example, a delay of three hours on a trip of 1500km entitles them to 250 euros.

Indeed, this regulation only applies if you are traveling with a carrier of the European Union or if you take off from an airport located in a country that belongs to the EU

Although they are protected by the EU, but passengers do not have to rely on their operator. In order to assert their rights, they can contact one of the specialists of the air compensation. These startups, which consist of experienced counselors and lawyers, can even go to court if needed to defend and protect their rights and interests.