Strike of an airline

Due to a strike at the airport, thousands of passengers have to wait patiently!

In some cases, travelers do not fly until after three hours or more. According to the European regulation on the rights of air passengers if they are traveling from an airport of the European Union or if their flight is served by an EU company, they are probably eligible for compensation.

In accordance with the European regulation protecting passenger rights, passengers have the possibility to claim compensation of a value of 250 euros minimum and 600 euros maximum. However, injured persons often can not finalize the development of the claims procedure against their air carrier, because of the complication of its procedures.

In order to increase their chances of getting compensation, passengers should think about contacting a specialist for compensation of late victims and cancellation, … These are startups that have lawyers who have extensive and relevant experience in compensating travelers for damages to their operator, allows prejudiced passengers to obtain a lump sum to compensate for the inconvenience caused by their carrier.