The punctuality of flights and airports: Flightright unveils its balance sheet 2018

The punctuality of flights and airports: Flightright unveils its balance sheet 2018

In 2018, the five airlines that managed to record the best punctuality rate for flights served from French airports are located mainly in Europe. According to Flightright, it was Eastern Airways, Germania, Iberia Express, Air Corsica and Transavia France, which occupied the top five places of its ranking published at the end of each year, with an average delay rate of 1.8% on their flights, 1.9%. %, 4.3%, 4.4% and 4.5%.

In contrast, the worst five air carriers in terms of punctuality are Jet Airways with a very high lag rate (32%). The Indian company was up to this ranking which also includes Tunisair (28.9%), Air Canada (27.9%), Egyptair (27.8%) and TAP Express (26.6%).

The balance of cancellations:

The result was also positive for the Spanish company Iberia Express. Subsidiary of the national carrier Iberia, this last one also appeared on the classification of the air operators recording the least rate of cancellation of the flights during the preceding year with only 0.1%.

The air carriers winning the other four positions in the ranking are Emirates, Air Europa, Qatar and Blue Air.

In return, the five airline operators canceling the most flights from airports in France during 2018 are LGW (5.3%), BA CityFlyer (3.8%), HOP! (3.6%), Vueling and Joon (3.5%).

The 2018 ranking of the most and least punctual airports according to Flightright:

Caen airport is the most punctual hub in France in 2018, the rate of delayed flights was estimated at 0.1% ahead of Pau-Pyrenees (0.2%), Brest, Montpellier and Poitier (0.3%).

In contrast, the French airports most affected by flight delays are Carcassonne (1.7%), Tarbes-Lourdes (0.9%), Limoges (0.7%), Strasbourg (0.6%) and Calvi (0.5%).

The balance sheet unveiled by the German startup was well detailed. It also includes the five airports most affected by flight cancellations in France. The Metz-Nancy-Lorraine airport was at the top of the ranking (4.3%) followed by Clermont-Ferrand (3.1%), Pau-Pyrenées (3%), Rennes and Toulon-Hyères (2.6%).

While recalling that Flightright is a startup dedicated to the rights of air consumers. It files its balance sheet every year by classifying the airlines according to the delays recorded on their flights during 365 days.

The German company, which has managed to defend millions of travelers since its launch in 2010, estimated that the amount of compensation claimed during the month of July was almost eighty million euros (in France alone) with two one hundred cases of cancellation of flights and four hundred and fifty cases of delay.

In its annual ranking, Flightright ranks the top five air operators with the highest punctuality rate, as well as airlines with a record number of delays.