Claim your rights with Transaero

Many passengers do not know what to do if their connection is canceled, delayed or overbooked. But the most important thing is that they do not know that they can be compensated by their air carrier, of course, only if their flight was operated from a destination of the European Union or they traveled with a already owned by the EU, such as Transaero.

According to the law 261/2004, the compensation granted to the delays and cancellations of the flights is fixed between 250 and 600 euros. The amount of compensation may vary depending on the distance of the trip that the passenger had to travel to reach his destination. So what to do in case of a missed match? Just contact an Advisor Air Indemnité to provide the necessary information on the link and on the passenger himself.

The processing of his file requires only a few days, and then compensation will be provided if his flight is eligible.