What is the role of a compensation company ?

Many travelers are now suffering damage to their airlines (delay, cancellation of flights, …) without knowing that they can be compensated. Indeed, the majority of travelers are not aware that a law exists, protecting their rights and defending their interests with their operators. There are others who are aware of this, but who simply do not have the capabilities to deal with the power of air carriers who can easily escape responsibility by invoking major forces.

Indeed, several startups are innovating today to serve travelers who have been victims of various harms caused by their operators (late arrival, expulsion from the plane because of overbooking, …). Defending your interests with your airline is now a matter of time! This is not because the legal proceedings are easy, but rather thanks to the knowledge and the expertise accumulated by these legal experts to achieve this.

Choose a startup to help defend its rights with its carrier? Several companies with legal experts with enough experience and expertise to resolve disputes that a passenger can face when traveling with his airline, including flight delays, denied boarding and missed connections, … These lawyers are always looking for quick and easy solutions to help victims get the best results by winning their conflict with the operator and get compensation.

Cases where the airline has to pay compensation?
The flight is eligible for the lump sum payment when:
– We leave a European airport or when traveling with an airline based in the EU,
– The delay recorded on arrival is greater than or equal to three hours.