Limit for requesting compensation

In the European Union, the inconvenience caused by delays, cancellations and overbooking of flights, are compensated. A measure that can bring each passenger between 250 and 600 euros. No doubt, it is necessary that the connection concerned accumulates a minimum delay of three hours before take-off of the aircraft.

Victims of air damage are entitled to claim compensation. Generally, they need to take legal action to take advantage of it.

This financial compensation must be granted to all passengers registered on the flight that has been disturbed.

In addition to the full reimbursement of the amount of their ticket, travelers who were expelled from their aircraft due to overbooking, also have the opportunity to be compensated by their air carrier.

According to Law 261/04, which was established in 2004 by European legislation on air passenger rights, the airline is ordered to pay compensation of an amount of varying value. The regulation states that the cost of compensation must be estimated according to the route the aircraft must travel between the airport of departure and the airport of arrival.

A flight of a distance of less than 1500 km, gives access to a compensation of 250 euros,
A connection of a journey of more than 1500 km, gives rise to a compensation of 400 euros.
A rotation of more than 3500km, allows the passenger to benefit from a compensation of 600 euros.

Year limit by country

According to the specialized site, here is the list of countries with their limits of years to request a claim.

Austria: 3 years
Belgium: 1 year
Bulgaria: 5 years
Croatia: 3 years
Cyprus: 6 years
Denmark: 3 years

Spain: 5 years
Estonia: 3 years
Finland: 3 years
France: 5 years
Greece: 5 years
Hungary: 5 years

Iceland: 2 years
Ireland: 6 years
Italy: 26 months
Latvia: 2 years
Lithuania: 3 years
Luxembourg: 10 years

Malta: No limit
Norway: 3 years
Netherlands: 2 years
Poland: 1 year
Portugal: 3 years
Czech Republic: 3 years

United Kingdom: 6 years
Romania: 3 years
Slovakia: 2 years
Slovenia: 2 years
Sweden: 3 years
Switzerland: 2 years