Why airlines practice overbooking in eco class?

Today, no less than five million passengers suffer every year inconvenience at the airport including overbooking. This sales optimization technique that the majority of airlines use, which consists in selling more seats than the capacity of the aircraft operated on the airline.

Overbooked passengers are those who are denied by their carrier boarding due to the unavailability of seats. However, the majority or even the totality of the travelers suffering this kind of damage are in possession of plane tickets allowing to travel in class Eco. Why, then, does an air operator bear the effects of overbooking on passengers who have chosen to fly in Economy Class?

Carriers have the right to choose passengers to leave the aircraft in case of overbooking. However, why do they always choose travelers who have Economy class bookings? Quite simply, overbooking companies are often compelled to compensate their passengers, while the amount to be offered to them to compensate for the inconvenience they experienced before their departure, is limited to our only distance to their flight, but also at the prices of their airline tickets.

Today, thousands or even millions of passengers do not know that a law exists, protecting their rights against this practice which is legal, but considered scandalous by passengers, or even illegal by the parliament of the European Union announcing the Regulation 261/2004 which entered into force in February 2005. It is a law that allows victims of overbooking to benefit from additional compensation of up to six hundred euros.

It should be noted that this regulation only applies to flights overbooked, delayed or canceled, departing from an airport in the European Union, or on flights served by airlines belonging to EU member states.

For the moral and psychological harm caused to them by their carrier, the passengers must assert their rights by asking to be paid a compensatory indemnity.

In fact, when a flight is overbooked, the operators usually call for the voluntary service by promising the passengers willing to voluntarily give up their seats, a generous compensation. However, you should know that even these volunteers have the opportunity to claim compensation of 250, 400 or 600 euros.